Tourism Committee

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Tourism Committee:

Every 2nd Tuesday at 10:30 am

Brochures, marketing, promotion, new collaboration with major entities that bring in people, shop local campaign, foster and promote the positive aspects of living, working, and playing in the Cloquet Area.
Tourism Committee
Chair: Denise Midbrod

Tourism Committee Mission:

Create awareness and increased visibility of the area with a

focus on generating overnight lodging in Cloquet.



To support the Cloquet Area Tourism and Visitors Information Center defined in the following commitments and strategies:



Tourism Commitments:

  • v  Administer the tourism grant program to assist in marketing of selected local events, based on grant requirements.  Define ways to get demographic and location data from grant supported event participants.

    v  Enhance and update the tourism web-site on a continual basis.  Track “hit” data for trends with a monthly summary.

    v  Market the Cloquet area through various advertising venues that reach the general public outside of our Cloquet region such as Explore Minnesota/website advertising, snowmobile magazines, tourism publications, sporting events, and other captive media that reaches potential visitors and meets our budget.

    v  Research ideas to create a direct marketing campaign for snowmobiling/ATV/OHV trails.

    v  Attend the northeast Minnesota tourism quarterly meetings and/or the Explore MN conference.

    v  Continue to support brochures and tourist information for Cloquet, such as the walking, biking, historical, hiking brochures, trail maps, coupons, relocation packets, etc.

    v  Update the area residents and Chamber members on the Tourism opportunities and efforts through the Chamber Newsletter, web-site and year end review.


    ** To promote tourism in our city, county and region, enhance tourism expenditures in our local economy,

    and promote local attractions and events.


Tourism Committee Members:


Chair: Denise Midbrod, Daugherty Sleepsource Mattress Gallery

Dave Manderfeld - USG Interiors

Mike McKinney - Best Oil/ Little Stores

Rachael Martin - Carlton County Historical Society

Rocky Wilkinson - Fond du Lac Tribe of Lake Superior Chippewa

Russ Smith

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