Trail Committee

Chamber Committees:

The Cloquet Area Trails Committee has been diligently working to create a comprehensive trail plan that provides connectivity within Cloquet. The committee has 14 active members dedicated to enhancing the communities walk and bike trails. This includes partnering with local, regional and state organizations to complete the proposed plan. 

In 2009, the committee saw the completion of the now highly utilized connection from the City of Carlton to the City of Scanlon (near the park and ride) called the St. Louis River trail. Although lack of funding suspended the second phase of this plan, a route from Scanlon to Cloquet, the plan has been updated and reactiviated. The Northeast Carlton County Bickcle Route Plan has been fornulated and the committee is dedicated to enhancing the community through trail connectivity and expansion. 


Trail Committee:

Chair: Mark Roberts, Up North Inspection Services


Andy Hubley - ARDC

Caleb Peterson - City of Cloquet

Mike McKinney - Best Oil/Little Stores

Tom Proulx - County Commissioner

Jason Hollinday - Fond du Lac Tribe of Lake Superior Chippewa

Bill Gerard - Thompson Township 

Kerry Kolodge - Cloquet City Council

Jeff Leno - Leno Chiropractic Clinic

Mike Tardy - Carlton County

Annette Bryant - City of Scanlon

Dick Brenner - County Commissioner

Jamie Adams - Fond du Lac Tribe of Lake Superior Chippewa

Chris Rokke - Wood City Riders Snowmobile Club

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