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* Mayor/council
* Budget $15,100,00
* City Bond Rating: Moody's AA
* Comprehensive Use Plan: Yes
* Recycling: Yes
* Fire Insurance Rating: 5
* Industrial plans approved by the city council economic development authority

City Of Cloquet, City Hall - 1307 Cloquet Avenue, Cloquet

* City Administrator...879-3347
* Business Development...879-3347
* Engineering Department...879-6758
* Fire Department Office...879-6514
* Housing & Redevelopment Authority...879-3353
* Planning & Zoning Department...879-2507
* Police Department Office...879-1247
* Public Library...879-1531
* Public Works & Parks Garage...879-7762
* Water Department...879-3844
* Mayor - Dave Hallback...879-3347

City Council Members:

Dave Bjerkness, Jeff Rock,  Roger Maki, Kerry Kolodge, Lara Wilkinson and Steve Langley


If you need information regarding a Minnesota business and would like to check the Better Business Bureau, please call

1-800-657-3787 or visit the Attorney General website.

The Beach at Pinehurst:  Visit the website


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